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02/21/04 - v0.8.5 Released
  • Fixed -l# command-line option to work correctly toward the end of the file.
  • Yet more accuracy fixes regarding cursor movement in the presence of tabs.
  • Yet more display fixes regarding terminal window resizing.

10/05/03 - Fixed Man File
  • Somewhere along the way, the Dav man file (dav.1.gz) got corrupted. A fixed version has been added to the latest targz.

09/29/03 - v0.8.4 Released
  • Fixed up the quicksort implementation; it was not 100% accurate before.
  • Fixed window-resizing code. It should be 100% accurate now.
  • Removed a redundant free() that sometimes segfaulted.
  • Updated the version number. v0.8.3 thought it was v0.8.2

08/26/03 - CVS established
  • I've added all the source code for Dav to my Sourceforge CVS account. Now you can always have the most up-to-date Dav version! If you're into that sort of thing.

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